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    Canoas Thermal Power Plant (Natural Gas / Diesel Oil (OCTE)


    STEAG Energy Services do Brasil in a consortium with Camargo Correa to provide operation and maintenance services in this power plant project to the biggest Brazilian public oil corporation, Petrobras. The scope of services included: O&M and training for the natural gas open cycle, supervision and support for the bifuel(OCTE and Natural Gas). The project including commissioning, performance and acceptance tests, continued by the Operation & Maintenance and training services.

    Installed capacity170 MW - open cycle (NG / OCTE)
    Commissioning2002 open cycle commissioning (natural gas) 2008 open cycle commissioning (bifuel)
    Partner in consortium
    Petrobas Energia
    Camargo Correa
    Execution of SES services2002 - 2011